About Widzew Lodz

Founded 106 years ago, Widzew Lodz is a Polish football club with a rich history. They are four-time Polish champions and former European Cup semifinalists; while online survey results show that the club has the biggest fan base in Poland (yet supporters of other Polish teams tend to disagree).


Widzew Lodz’s rich and successful history recently hit hard times – a loss of form saw them drop down the leagues. This led to decreasing popularity of their brand. But, as the club’s most devoted supporters will tell you, Widzew can be bent but never broken. The club reacted quickly and started a rebuilding process, looking at new ways to attract people, strengthen their brand and amplify communications using social videos. The challenges they faced were:

  • Lowered fan engagement and less media coverage after recent club struggles.
  • Lack of a tool that would let the team easily share highlights to social media.
  • Currently used technologies didn’t have the option to create video clips from live streams.

With Tellyo we could give a new, valuable & attractive content to our fans. And they loved it.
We hit the nail on the head with adding real-time videos to our Facebook strategy.
The results speak for themselves.

Tomasz Sadłecki CMO at Widzew Lodz


Implementation of Tellyo into the Widzew marketing team’s toolset took less than a day, providing them with the ability to instantly reach their supporters with highly engaging content.

With Tellyo, Widzew:

  • Started creating video clips from live streams of their games using an easy to follow process.
  • Shared highlights to social media platforms in near real-time, creating greater efficiency.
  • Boosted video engagement by posting at the time when fans and media were most interested – during their games.


Widzew fans started to be much more active on the club’s Facebook page. Not only did the number of page likes increase but overall engagement with each post was much higher than ever before.

  • Average post engagement rate increased by 68%
  • Video posts created more reach, with updates now seen by 142% more people
  • Monthly organic page likes grew from 0.6% in January to 5.1% in April
  • The fastest goal highlight was shared 30 seconds after it was scored in the game

Additionally, Widzew won a promotion to a higher league! Here at Tellyo we believe we can share just a tiny part of that success. Maybe the Widzew team performed better as a result of fans’ increased engagement? After all, nothing brings more motivation to a team than seeing their 12th player roaring them on. Regardless of what impact we had, we congratulate Widzew on their success!

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