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MTV is the biggest commercial TV station in Finland with an audience share of nearly 18%. Founded in 1957, they are also one of the earliest nationwide commercial TV stations in Europe.


In Finland, MTV is the leader when it comes to live TV shows and audience interaction and engagement on social media. They have created the largest and the most engaged social media communities around their primetime TV shows, who are always hungry for more content they can discuss. Prior to working with us, MTV's social media managers wanted to post video highlights to social media (as they happened on TV) as a way to get people to talk more about the show. The main challenges they were coming across in pursuit of this goal were:

  • A lengthy creation process
    Social media managers had to request highlights from video editors. It took time to explain which part was interesting, then wait for the editor to get the task, create the clip and send it back to the social media manager. This resulted in receiving videos up to the next day.
  • Not sharing at the right time
    The extended process meant that momentum was lost, as most of the audience had already moved on to other things by time the video was shared. Reach and engagement was not being maximised.
  • Expensive workaround
    Dedicated video editors – assigned to create highlights “on-the go” – was implemented as an alternative, and while this made the process faster it was really costly. Editors had to be on standby during odd hours, during which different bonuses had to be paid to them.

Tellyo has been very agile and supportive in providing services to us,
it has been pleasure to work with them.

Tapio Haaja Development Manager, Online Video at MTV


Our tool gave MTV a more effective option for creating short social videos directly from live streams. Implementing Tellyo use was made very easy for MTV – all they had to do was provide email addresses for the desired users and names of the TV shows where Tellyo Pro was to be enabled.

Tellyo Pro delivered a number of benefits into MTV:

  • Increased engagement and reach through real-time sharing
    Tellyo enabled clips to be published so quickly that the discussion and emotions surrounding these newsworthy events were still ongoing. This resulted in people more actively commenting, liking and sharing. The increased engagement also boosted reach, as the popularity of each clip created a ripple effect across social media channels, with more and more people getting to see them.
  • Optimised workflow
    MTV’s social media managers were able to create video clips from the live stream as soon as something exciting happened. Being able to instantly cut clips and create videos created a streamlined workflow and removed several manual steps and bottlenecks from the process, which also made it much more cost-effective.
  • Speeding up sharing and distribution
    Our solution received lots of positive comments about its ease of use and speed to publish. Tellyo not only removed manual delays from the workflow, but also enabled the upload of videos from powerful Tellyo servers directly to multiple social media channels, simultaneously.

With Tellyo Pro we have been able to share videos from live shows fast and easy,
something that was not possible before

Suvi-Päivikki Jänkälä Social Media Producer at MTV


MTV’s social media managers were able to capture the moment and share it with their viewers as soon as possible, which resulted in increased reach and engagement.

  • Videos shared through Tellyo were among the best performing and most popular posts created from MTV shows.Tellyo Pro helped social media managers to stay on top of the conversations about shows that were happening across social media.
  • Audiences were extended way beyond those watching it on TV.The most successful clips were able to reach about 10% of the Finnish population.
  • Tellyo enabled social media managers to share more engaging clips in minutes rather than hours. They used Tellyo several times during every episode of the show and emphasised its ease of use and speed.

Additionally, implementing Tellyo saved the valuable time of editors who could use their skills to create more complex long-form videos. Short, authentic stories the audience wanted could be created quickly and easily by social media managers. This way, MTV were able to squeeze the most out of their shows.

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