Tellyo On Demand is a flexible, live video production platform without any strings attached. Create your account on our website and start engaging your social audience straight away.

  • Transparent pricing without long-term commitment
  • Easy-to-use wizard to set-up your live event and content
  • Live streaming to your social channels
  • Live clipping and publishing to social media
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How it works

See how Tellyo works
in On Demand solution

Create your account

Share your details with us and get access to our platform in less than a minute.

Setup and connect

Use our wizard to set up your event and its date and time. We’ll give you a RTMP link
to connect your stream and make your content available in Tellyo.

Live stream and clip

Live stream your event to up to 4 social media destinations. Create clips
and highlights directly from your live content with our intuitive Editor.

Engage your audience

Let social and online audiences experience your events with video content
streamed and shared on social media through Tellyo, in real-time.

Pay as you go

You only pay for each hour of recorded and streamed content,
with safe and simple credit card payments.

Explore the features of Tellyo on Demand

Tellyo helps teams everywhere to amplify their video content online

Rights management

Create and manage geographical embargos.


Set your own scheduling
rules and restrict access geographically


Collect and analyse performance of your videos in one place

Account management

Add or revoke access to your content

Mandatory branding

Keep your branding visible in all content produced in Tellyo

Stream monitor

Oversee your stream personally using our dedicated tool

Multiplatform streaming

Stream your broadcasts to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

Adaptive bitrate

Ensure viewers receive your stream with adequate quality

Stream announcements

Keep your audience informed thanks to streaming announcements

Stream scheduling

Schedule streams to reach your audience at the best time


Clip and share videos from live streams in real time


Create engaging highlights from existing videos and streams


Easily cut your videos with surgical precision


Enhance your content with preloaded sets of visuals or your own bumpers


Adjust your videos to different devices, using aspect ratio pre-sets


Adjust video with letterboxing alongside different aspect ratios


Use slow motion to underline the best moments of your content


Publish your videos to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, VKontakte and others.


Automate your work by scheduling publications on social media


Tailor your social messages to fit each network separately


Mention other profiles or partners to increase reach


Promote your content on Facebook in collaboration with your partners

Tellyo on Demand
is a great solution for:

Engage differently

Reach fans online by live streaming a crucial cup game
and creating clips for social media

Complete flexibility

Dip in and out at any time, depending on the different needs
of your multiple clients

Extend your event

Take your event to new audiences online, or reach out to
those unable to attend in person

Go live online

Recreate the live experience online and captivate fans with
clips as key moments happen

Support for PR

Stream press, award or launch events,
and quickly package clips for journalists

Digitise the catwalk

Bring together online influencers and fashion fans
with your latest on-trend creations

Transparent pricing without long-term commitment

Pay for each hour of recorded and streamed content, with safe and simple credit card payments


  • Instant access to streaming and editing platform
  • Streaming to 2 social profiles included
  • Up to 5 users
  • Secure card payments

20 extra / hour of live streaming to additional destination

  • 4 maximum parallel outgoing live streams

Get answers to most common questions about Tellyo On Demand

Tellyo On Demand offers a simple and easy to configure platform for instantly live streaming your event and creating engaging video clips for social media. It comes with pay-per-use payments. On Demand has been designed for straightforward configuration and it is more focused on streaming and video production surrounding one-off events.

Tellyo on Demand will let you stream and create video content
easily, without any long-term commitment.
Need something more sophisticated? Choose Tellyo Pro if you need
a solution that will help you with video production and streaming
of larger amounts of content on a more regular basis.

Payments are made online by credit card.

Yes, but it is limited to email support only.
If you require full 24/7 support, consider using Tellyo Pro

Simply contact us and we will discuss your needs and the whole process.