Reach Your Online Audience With Real-time Video Content

See how easy it is to instantly add, produce, stream and publish your videos to social media through Tellyo.

Add your live content to Tellyo

Tellyo is able to ingest your streams from any source, including professional broadcasting signal. Our platform supports even most demanding specifications.

Adding live streams is easy and intuitive. Our stream monitor allows you to track their quality.

All popular methods (e.g. RTMP, HLS) are supported.

Need help? You can count on our support at all times.

Live stream or produce in real-time

Tellyo can speed up your video streaming & production workflows. Our platform enables you to:

  • Live stream your content to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other destinations
  • Clip best moments from your events in real-time
  • Quickly produce highlight videos from your events.
  • Enhance your videos with visual and audio effects.
  • Add branded overlays, bumpers, wipes and watermarks to your clips

Share videos instantly

Tellyo allows you to share your videos in seconds on multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

This way you can deliver the content your audience wants immediately.

Our advanced sharing and scheduling features will make reaching new fans across the globe effective and almost effortless.

Thanks to Tellyo we have been able to develop
a robust video content strategy that will elevate the online
fan experience to new levels through
engaging and timely content.
Dermot Rigley
Commercial and Marketing Director of PRO14 Rugby

Start using Tellyo with your live content

Join other professionals using Tellyo to stream, produce, share and distribute videos easily.

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Live clipping and video editing

Browse features that will speed up our video production workflow.

Live streaming and social publishing

Learn more about how Tellyo makes video streaming and sharing efficient.


Find out how Tellyo facilitates content distribution and rights management.


Read more about maximising brand exposure with Tellyo.

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