Enhance fan engagement with authentic content

Social media is best when it’s authentic. Fans will become truly engaged when content comes from their favourite brand or club.

Tellyo tools make it easier and quicker to create and share the honest, real and raw content craved by your fans. You will enhance your fans’ experiences through the great stories only you have access to.


Captivate your fans in the moment

Every second counts when it comes to engaging people on social media. Being the first to reach and engage audiences, at times when they will care the most, is a must.

Tellyo provides the means to record and share videos before anybody else. Sharing key moments in real-time will captivate your fans and drive further engagement.

With Tellyo we could give a new, valuable & attractive content to our fans. And they loved it.
We hit the nail on the head with adding real-time videos to our Facebook strategy.
The results speak for themselves.

Tomasz Sadłecki CMO at Widzew Lodz


Create amazing video clips with absolute ease

It’s your content, so we put you in control. We make it easy to create and share amazing video clips in one place, in real time.

Using our cloud-based tools it takes just three steps to create clips from live streams or pre-recorded content. From Tellyo you can then share across all social media channels simultaneously in under a minute.


Control how your content is used by third parties

Ensuring third-parties use your content to your liking is never easy. We appreciate you want control over your brand when working with other stakeholders.

With Tellyo you can set precise, multi-level rules and restrictions. These can be overarching rules, or exceptions for individuals. This way you can be certain that nobody will use your content in a way you do not want them to.


Maximise new revenue opportunities

Video is the most engaging of digital formats. It has generated huge confidence, with US video ad spending hitting $10 billion a year and growing rapidly.

Our tools let you create amazing videos. These will add enormous value to your stakeholders, positioning them as compelling brands. Tellyo videos can contain branded intros and outros, sponsor accreditations and calls to action.


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