Boost attendance with social video

Videos are proven to reach more people than any other type of social media posts. Using videos in organic and paid campaigns to promote your events gives you a greater chance of attracting more people to attend. With Tellyo you’ll be able to easily combine highlights from previous events, promo clips and brand messages into engaging videos that can help you to sell more tickets. You can also add transition effects and HTML5 overlays to create clips that are really captivating.


Share your events’ unique ambience in real time

To experience a truly special atmosphere is one of the top reasons why people go to events. Social media now gives people unable to attend in person the chance to experience the atmosphere too. And the best way to share it with them? Undoubtedly through social videos. That’s why Tellyo lets you create captivating clips from the best parts of your events in real time. It also enables you to share these across your social media channels simultaneously with one click. So those not able to attend in person can still experience the unique atmosphere of your event in a truly appealing way.

With Tellyo we could give a new, valuable & attractive content to our fans. And they loved it.
We hit the nail on the head with adding real-time videos to our Facebook strategy.
The results speak for themselves.

Tomasz Sadłecki CMO at Widzew Lodz


Distribute your videos to media and sponsors

The events you organise are great PR stories that your sponsors and media partners will want to share too. With Tellyo you’ll be able to give your sponsors and partners access to videos from your events. If you wish to, they can even create their own highlights from your event footage and spread the word across their own social media channels. But we want you to stay in charge of how others use your content. That’s why Tellyo is equipped with several, multi-level rules and restrictions. These can be overarching rules, or exceptions can be created for individuals, letting you precisely limit what each person can or cannot do with content you give them access to.


Record, edit and publish awesome videos effortlessly

Videos can be a fantastic part of your online presence. But creating them shouldn’t consume high amounts your energy, time or money. With Tellyo you will be able to create and share your videos in less than a minute, even without extensive understanding of video editing. The process has only 3 steps and the editing screen is highly intuitive. And because our tool is cloud based you’ll be able to access it anywhere, anytime, with file storage space and speed of use powered by our servers.

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