Data-driven highlights and automated publishing

Combine metadata, AI and our smart editor to automate your processes

Automate video clipping with our smart editor, powered by event metadata

  • Find key moments and build stories quickly from live feeds with simple navigation
  • Empower editors with a second-by-second log of event data at their fingertips
  • Speed up video editors and enhance their work and stories
  • Maintain control by setting creation rules and fine-tuning clips before publishing

Fully automate clip creation, social messaging and social posting

  • Fully automate the entire process of clip creation, messaging and posting
  • Immediately publish key moments live to audiences
  • Give multiple events automatic online coverage with in-built workflows
  • Multiply the events/games one video editor can effectively cover

Automatically maximise sponsorship and branding opportunities across your videos

  • Automate when sponsorship and branding should appear in video content
  • Auto-allocate specific graphics, overlays, bumpers and media wipes
  • Monetise video clips you create and post to social media
  • Add and manage your own graphics, overlays, bumpers and media wipes from one place

See data-driven highlights and automated publishing in action

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