How Tellyo empowered FISE to recreate the live experience online


Following a series of tests, Tellyo was first deployed at the Montpellier World Series in May 2017. This event held special importance for the FISE team – it was the event’s 20th anniversary and in their home city where it all began.

With over 600,000 visitors, the hugely successful event showcases FISE’s ethos of allowing the audience to get up-close to the action. It’s this intensity that FISE wanted to mirror in its social content, something we’ve enabled through live streaming and the real-time sharing of clips.


The deployment of Tellyo also enabled FISE to focus on the growth of its social media team. Through our system, people working on location were additionally supported by those working remotely.


  • Live stream or clip content from all filmed heats and finals.
  • Stream content in different languages according to social audience preferences.
  • Brand content differently depending on the social channel and commercial message.


  • Add custom graphics to content published across social media featuring individual rider information and different commercial branding.
  • Simultaneously engage fans on multiple social channels without increasing the bandwidth needed in the OB Truck.
In choosing to work with Tellyo, we are recreating the live experience online
and giving our fans engaging content across multiple social media platforms.
We are very excited to be reinforcing the digitalisation of FISE with Tellyo.
Joseph Villeflayoux
Commercial and Marketing Director of FISE


Tellyo is an official partner for the 2017 FISE World Series, which brings together the world’s leading extreme sports athletes to compete in cities across the globe. With millions of fans tuning in via FISE TV and FISE UP magazine, we are providing an enhanced social media solution to strengthen the fan experience.


Working with all aspects of FISE’s media operations, from internal media staff to freelancers and location workers, our collaborative approach adds value to this exciting sports phenomenon.


  • Real-time editing, clipping and publishing of content to social media.
  • Live streaming of FISE content across multiple platforms and accounts in multiple languages simultaneously.
  • Allowing remote team members to work on live content, reducing on-location costs for each event.


  • Providing commercial sponsors access to content, with limitations set on when and where content can be used.
  • An IOS/Android app – Tellyo Capture – so athletes can experiment recording behind the scenes content and interviews on their smartphones.

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