How we helped CONIFA boost post engagement and exceed expectations with social videos


As of August 2016 CONIFA has 41 members, including Monaco, Kiribati and Greenland. Its competitions are well organised, offering a great experience for fans and participating teams alike. During the 2016 CONIFA World Football Cup the organisation’s main marketing goal was to increase the global interest in its association and events.


To achieve this goal, ConIFA had to overcome the following obstacles:

  • Lack of broadcasting on international television
    Without the support of international broadcasters it was hard to get the visibility and achieve high levels of reach. Promoting events is always much harder when the biggest medium is not available.
  • Limits of live streaming games online
    CONIFA is committed to making it possible for people to watch games online. But live streams are a longer form of content, which is much less engaging than shorter form content such as goal highlights. Live streams were not giving CONIFA the desired recognition on social media.
  • Not having the ability to create short, engaging content
    As with every football game, the matches played during CONIFA’s 2016 tournament had lots of engaging action. But CONIFA did not have the means to quickly capture and share those key moments.
As a federation of independent associations, we do not automatically get the interest of mass media that brings massive buzz and recognition. We needed to take care of that on our own. Thanks to Tellyo we were able to make the most of it.We could create videos effortlessly and share them very quickly. And most importantly our fans loved them.
Sascha Düerkop
General Secretary at CONIFA


Tellyo enabled CONIFA to share each goal scored via a social video. The organisation was also able to create social videos containing each game’s highlights, as well as short-form summaries of each tournament stage.


With Tellyo, CONIFA was specifically able to:

  • Create short, engaging social videos directly from live streams
    With our intuitive tool CONIFA used clips from games as they were live streamed. This gave the organisation the opportunity to quickly share clips on its social channels in real-time.
  • Securely distribute videos to media
    To share stories and achieve more publicity CONIFA needed to distribute its content to journalists. With Tellyo’s rules and restriction they were able to do this in a fully controlled way.
  • Reach fans with highlights from the tournament
    Tellyo also enabled CONIFA to combine the best moments from the tournament into single videos. Fans could then watch the most interesting parts of the tournament.


Tellyo helped CONIFA boost social media engagement above expected averages, which further resulted in increased recognition. Interesting content shared at the right time drove engagement. Fans were happy to interact with content and share it with their friends.


Here are the key stats of CONIFA social videos, as shared during the 2016 World Football Cup:

  • On average, social videos on Facebook had an engagement rate of nearly 14% (the average for Facebook is 6.27%)
  • On average, CONIFA’s videos on Facebook reached 37,307 people (more than twice the total of their page likes)
  • The top video on Facebook reached 129,000 fans (with 14,400 engaging with it in some way)
  • Average number of views on Facebook was 11,528 (with the best video having 43,600)
  • Tweets with videos had an engagement rate of 9.64%

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